One of Sydney’s largest transport hubs has just been refurbished

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Many construction projects focus on revival, green-friendly upgrades and large-scale alterations. But this project in Sydney, Australia went above and beyond, and included no less than four separate sites. The design is all about transportation and movement.

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A skyscraper hotel building in the city of Sydney

Wynyard Station is right in the heart of the design. The project also includes the former Menzies Hotels, Thakral House, Beneficial House and Shell House. These four separate sites are united in an incredible urban block that truly looks like a design for the modern world.

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The inside of the building has white ceiling and white tile floors from a revolving door

In the station’s past life, passengers walked down dark, narrow corridors that ran along the central core. Large columns provided support for the large building. While small details pay homage to Sydney’s history and resources. One of the first things visitors will see is Calacatta marble on the floors and walls. The marble was placed to simulate a continuous cut design.

The white foyer has a sitting area and escalators leading to the second floor

Furthermore, this central core became the new Urban Hall. It is a triple height structure that captures tons of light, creating a dazzling experience for those entering the busy travel center. Now it has a design for which it is worth traveling.

The top of an escalator has a hanging bulb installation

On the outside, the Shell House, which is 10 stories high, has been completely restored. The clock, a 400-ton display, is still in place as a centerpiece for this historic building. There is also a new rooftop restaurant and bar inside two glazed pavilions. More than 3,000 sandstone tiles have been replaced with brand new handmade tiles.

In addition, there is a pedestrian route from George Street that goes through Carrington Street and past Wynyard Park. The central core is now detailed with almond gold stainless steel and vertical glass. Pedestrians can move right under the tower to reach Wynyard Park.

The outside of the building has a footpath on which pedestrians can walk

After reaching Carrington Street, you arrive at the commercial office area. The tower itself is made with glazed panels accented with bronze-colored anodized aluminum fins. The fins have different depths to provide different levels of sun shade at each height of the building design.

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Photography by Brett Boardman

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